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Durango Criminal Defender Areas of Practice

Richard Jaye offers experienced legal defense for criminal charges in Colorado. He has an abundance of knowledge in the criminal justice system, which allows him to thoroughly evaluate your case and get you the best resolution. Whether you are being charged with a misdemeanor or felony, Richard Jaye is your Durango criminal defense lawyer, prepared to build a strong defense for you. He is highly experienced and defends crimes including DUI, domestic violence, criminal assaults, drug offenses, homicide, minor in possession of alcohol or minor consumption of alcohol, record sealing, sex crimes, and protection order or violation of a protection order. In order to build the strongest case, you must seek legal counsel as soon as you are accused of a crime. Call Richard Jaye to start your defense against the prosecution.


When dealing with DUI charges, you may feel embarrassed. You may think you don’t need a lawyer. Richard Jaye has a lot of experience defending DUI charges, so trust he will represent you appropriately. Enlisting a criminal defense lawyer avoids possible significant consequences down the road. Seek an experienced Durango criminal defense lawyer, Richard Jaye, and know that he has the knowledge to defend against the prosecution and tailor your case to your circumstances.

Domestic Violence

Being charged with a crime of domestic violence can make you embarrassed and anxious. Don’t let that stop you from calling the law office of Richard Jaye. He can build you a strong defense and protect you against the possible fabricated prosecution. He has significant experience and is willing to take on your case. If you’ve been charged with a crime of domestic violence, don’t hesitate to call Richard Jaye.

Criminal Assaults

If you are being charged with criminal assault, be sure to call Richard Jaye immediately. He has the knowledge and experience to build you a strong defense. Criminal assault is a serious offense, so you need a Durango criminal defense attorney who knows a number of defenses to raise on your behalf. Contact Richard Jaye and he will offer you the quality representation you need.

Drug Offenses

Drug charges have serious consequences, so it is important to retain legal counsel. Durango area criminal defense attorney, Richard Jaye has the ability to represent you and build you a strong case. Don’t wait to call Richard Jaye if you are facing criminal drug charges.


Richard Jaye is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to defending someone accused of possibly the most serious crime, homicide. Defined as one person killing another, there are various categories of charges associated with homicide cases. Richard Jaye knows the criminal justice system well enough to defend against them all. He will build you a strong defense to get you the best possible outcome. He is the best choice in Durango to defend you, so call him today if you’ve been charged with homicide.

Minor in Possession of Alcohol/Minor Consumption of Alcohol

Richard Jaye has the ability to defend Durango minors who are faced possession or consumption of alcohol charges. If your child is caught and charged, contact an attorney immediately. It is important to build a strong case so your child receives the best possible outcome. Call Richard Jaye to receive a reputable criminal defense attorney to represent your minor today.

Protection Order/Violation of a Protection Order

Protection orders are taken out by both men and women, and are often known as restraining orders. Richard Jaye is experienced in the Durango area to defend you if you violate a protection order. It is important to seek a criminal defense attorney in order to build the strongest case on your behalf. Call Richard Jaye to get the representation you deserve.

Record Sealing

You may want to clean your criminal record to apply for jobs or even school. Richard Jaye has the knowledge to expunge or seal your record. It is a complex process, so you need appropriate counsel. Be sure to call Richard Jaye for representing you for record sealing.

Sex Crimes

Richard Jaye offers legal representation in Durango for sex crimes. If you have been charged with a sex crime, it is vital to contact an attorney. Richard Jaye has the experience needed to deal with the sensitive nature of such charges. He will be able to build you a strong case and represent you in order to get you the best possible outcome.


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